September’s Service Sunday

Join us for a shortened service and then we’ll dive into a service project (see below) that will benefit our community. Service Sunday is led by the Prairie Justice League. Jenny Rodman will provide special music. See Justice Calendar for other … read more.

Extending Community: A Community of Hearts

Join Prairie members Andrew Paschetto and Melissa Bishop in a service about how to deal with fear and hatred, when it is unleashed in civil discourse. How do we get past seeing people as “others”?  There also will be a bread communion as part of … read more.

Super Special Summertime Service Sunday

Please join us for our Summertime Service Sunday, on July 1, as we act to move our community toward freedom from hunger by serving lunch to those who are homeless with our partners at Aurora Warms the Night. We will have a shortened regular service … read more.

Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

Changes to Upcoming Service Sunday 5/27:

Our help is needed with honoring fallen veterans!

In honor of Memorial Day, please join us for our last Service Sunday of the church year. We will have a shortened service followed by a special outreach project that will honor our … read more.

Considering the Whole World

Prairie’s former Peace Corps volunteers will offer a panel conversation on international justice in this special service. Our panelists are Kimberly Rebecca-Murray, who served in Honduras; Cory Leddy, who served in Columbia, and Deena Rowe, who served in Lesotho. Dave Lukaszewski will provide special music.

On this … read more.