Speaker: Melissa Bishop

Canvass & Conversations


Melissa B, our Justice League co-chair will lead us to articulate how changes to Colorado’s voting laws this year support justice and what work remains. We will hear from Clark H on how understanding the importance of voting grounded his community justice work. Immediately following … read more.

Toward Fulfilling Our Vision

One Sunday a month, Prairie puts its principles into action when rather than having our traditional Sunday Service, we have Service Sunday. Melissa Bishop, our Justice League co-chair will explore how Prairie fulfills its vision for Impactful Social Justice. John Kelty will share how his … read more.

Happy Friendsgiving

Join us this Sunday where Pastor AJ and Melissa Bishop will lead us as we celebrate community and gratitude with a Friendsgiving Service followed by a Pot-luck feast. The PrairieUU Band and Choir will be performing.

We encourage you to bring a friend to showcase what … read more.

A Healing Touch

Please join us on Sunday when Melissa Bishop and Andrew Paschetto will lead our service as we continue to look at physical self-care. For many of us, caring touch can be one of the most powerful forms of healing that we can experience. Join us … read more.

Window of My Mind

Join us this Sunday as we kick off our quarterly theme of Self-Care: Mind, Body, and Spirit. During the month of October, we will be focusing on the Mind. Pastor AJ and Melissa Bishop take us on an adventure of exploring how we allow our … read more.

Moving Forward with Our Justice Work

Please join us, Sunday, August 18th as we move forward with our justice work and into a new school year.  One Sunday each month after a shortened service, Prairie lives out its principles and vision to work for justice in our community. We will celebrate the transition to a new … read more.

Service Sunday – Bridge House

One Sunday each month after a shortened service, Prairie lives out its principles and vision to work for justice in our community. As Maurice and Kim have explained in an earlier special announcement, Bridge House (also known as “Ready to Work”) is a transitional housing … read more.