Speaker: Melissa Bishop

Canvass & Conversations


Melissa B, our Justice League co-chair will lead us to articulate how changes to Colorado’s voting laws this year support justice and what work remains. We will hear from Clark H on how understanding the importance of voting grounded his community justice work. Immediately following … read more.

Toward Fulfilling Our Vision

One Sunday a month, Prairie puts its principles into action when rather than having our traditional Sunday Service, we have Service Sunday. Melissa Bishop, our Justice League co-chair will explore how Prairie fulfills its vision for Impactful Social Justice. John Kelty will share how his … read more.

Happy Friendsgiving

Join us this Sunday where Pastor AJ and Melissa Bishop will lead us as we celebrate community and gratitude with a Friendsgiving Service followed by a Pot-luck feast. The PrairieUU Band and Choir will be performing.

We encourage you to bring a friend to showcase what … read more.

A Healing Touch

Please join us on Sunday when Melissa Bishop and Andrew Paschetto will lead our service as we continue to look at physical self-care. For many of us, caring touch can be one of the most powerful forms of healing that we can experience. Join us … read more.

Window of My Mind

Join us this Sunday as we kick off our quarterly theme of Self-Care: Mind, Body, and Spirit. During the month of October, we will be focusing on the Mind. Pastor AJ and Melissa Bishop take us on an adventure of exploring how we allow our … read more.

Moving Forward with Our Justice Work

Please join us, Sunday, August 18th as we move forward with our justice work and into a new school year.  One Sunday each month after a shortened service, Prairie lives out its principles and vision to work for justice in our community. We will celebrate the transition to a new … read more.