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Updates from COSM – July, 2023

A special election was held at the June 2023 Congregational Meeting; Clark Huff and Vivian LIttlefield were elected to the COSM for three year terms. Current COSM goals are to partner with Reverend Roger and the new JEDI Advocate, Reverend Anthony Scott, to lead the … read more.

Updates from COSM – May 2021

COSM Election Results

Congratulations to Margaret DeLeon for being elected to the Committee on Shared Ministry. Their terms will begin now and run through June 2024. Thirty-five percent of Members voted in this online election, which exceeded the twenty-five percent required for a quorum.  They will join existing COSM … read more.

COSM Update for April 2021

Dear Members,

We currently have two vacant positions on the Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM). This is a very important Committee that is responsible for our Mission and Vision; Right Relations and Ministerial support and evaluation. The Prairie Board has asked that there be a special election to fill these vacancies as … read more.

Leadership Development Process

What is happening with the new leadership development process at Prairie?

At this Sunday’s congregational meeting, we will continue the process of revising the way we invite, shepherd, and support people into elected leadership at Prairie UU. We will start with a vote to suspend the … read more.

Updates from COSM – January 2021

January 4, 2021
We hope that all are having a wonderful and safe holiday season!

The CoSM continues to be busy working on suggested adjustments to the nominations policy and drafting a Vision presentation for the January Congregational Meeting. Please plan on attending this important meeting as there … read more.

Updates from CoSM – December 2020

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!

Teams in CoSM have been working on coordinating our AI visioning and Widening the Circle recommendations into one document. We continue to work on the last section of the Circle program on Theology. 

Susan E. presented updated information on Restoration … read more.

Updates from COSM – November 2020

November 16, 2020

The CoSM (Committee on Shared Ministry) team is beginning to integrate our AI visioning and Widening the Circle goals together. This will be a challenging project and very exciting.

The Right Relations projects are nearing completion soon.

We look forward to continuing to help Prairie … read more.

Updates from the CoSM – September 2020

September 21, 2020

We have been working hard on making recommendations on the draft for the Nominating Committee policy/procedures and have sent our suggestions to the Board.

We are currently working on the Listening Circle presentation for the October 11th PrairieUU Town Hall.

In Faith,

… read more.