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Updates from Pastor AJ – April 2021

What does it mean to be a covenantal relationship? Over the years I have realized that many of our UU siblings have reduced covenantal ministry and membership to a transactional relationship. In this model, many members look at membership as a form of benefits … read more.

Tragedy in Boulder


These messages to you never get easier to write. In the past seven days, we have had seven mass shootings in the country. The latest of which took place yesterday, in our own backyard here in the City of Boulder. Our hearts go out to … read more.

Updates from Pastor AJ – March 2021


I would like to address something that has been brought to my attention over the past few weeks. The question has been raised about the “balance” of messaging from our services. Some of the most recent comments have been that the Sunday Worship is too/only/mostly focused … read more.

Message from Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, UUA

Dear friends at Prairie,

I am so impressed with all you and your congregation have been doing to rise to the challenge of these unprecedented times. It’s been wonderful to see AJ’s meditations showing up in my Facebook feed!

You’ve heard the expression “it’s not a sprint, … read more.