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Updates from the LifeSpan – April 2021

Please join us for the kickoff of the UURJ summer educational series, Reaching Deeper: Building Relationships at the Speed of Trust.  This series is open and without cost to ALL congregants of the sponsoring UURJ congregations, and it is the first step in a summer that … read more.

Updates from LifeSpan – March 2021

BIPOC worship

At the intersection of action and rest: what does it mean to go slower to go faster?

In this prompt-and-response, deep listening, interactive worship, we will explore how slow/fast, productivity/idleness, actions/rest show up in our lives.
Facilitated by Yasko Endo, come join us for a different kind of … read more.

Updates from LifeSpan – February 2021

Calling All Youth and Grownups!

Your LifeSpan and youth staff and volunteers are, as you read this, planning a summer program for middle and high schoolers with our counterparts at First Unitarian, Jefferson, Columbine, and First Universalist! This program in June/July will allow our youth to form … read more.

Updates from LifeSpan – October 2020

October 12, 2020

LifeSpan  – Children’s Program


This year’s harvest festival will take place on October 25th at 1:00 pm, most likely at Stonegate Village Park!  There will be a pinata, socially-distanced costume parade, and socializing!  Bring masks, costumes, lawn chairs, a sack lunch, and … read more.