Topic: Service Sunday

Service Sunday: Imagining an Equitable Community

Online Worship Service

One Sunday a month rather than having our regular Sunday Worship Service after a shortened worship service, we focus on Service and Education to support our community. As we continue to explore this month’s theme of imagination, how do we imagine a post-pandemic equitable community where everyone gets what they need? … read more.

Service Sunday – August 23, 2020


Get Ready for Early Bird Service Sunday!

Please join us in yet another variation of Service Sunday! This day, prior to our worship service, we will beat the heat and support our community, as our social justice vision states, to challenge the intersectional conditions that create and sustain … read more.

Service Sunday


Please join us Sunday when the Justice League continues to lead PrairieUU closer to our vision of Impactful Social Justice “We dedicate ourselves to living our values by consistently engaging the full congregation to educate and activate ourselves and to challenge the intersectional conditions that … read more.

Canvass & Conversations


Melissa B, our Justice League co-chair will lead us to articulate how changes to Colorado’s voting laws this year support justice and what work remains. We will hear from Clark H on how understanding the importance of voting grounded his community justice work. Immediately following … read more.

Toward Fulfilling Our Vision

One Sunday a month, Prairie puts its principles into action when rather than having our traditional Sunday Service, we have Service Sunday. Melissa Bishop, our Justice League co-chair will explore how Prairie fulfills its vision for Impactful Social Justice. John Kelty will share how his … read more.

Giving as a Way to Heal

Please join us this Sunday for Service Sunday. One Sunday a month, Prairie members and their guests put their faith into action by working for justice in the community. This month we will explore self-care through giving and how our giving transforms us and our … read more.