Feeding Our Community – Service Sunday


One Sunday a month Prairie puts its principles into action by providing service in our community. After a shortened service led by the Justice League, including Bill and Samera Baird speaking about their work addressing food insecurity in our community, we will break into smaller groups (please see details below) to discuss and take action as a group. These activities will address the spectrum of our individual comfort level while staying safe and still taking action. Activities will be appropriate for all of our members, families, and friends. We hope that you will join us!

361-360-8585‬ PIN: ‪992 842 341‬#.



To prep for our upcoming Service Sunday on 5/24 entitled “Feeding Our Community,” the Justice League is seeking nonperishable goods and plant seedlings.

  • INDIVIDUAL DROP OFF– Before church on 5/24 at 10 a.m., you may drop off goods or seedlings at one of two locations:

Aurora – drop off on the Murray’s front porch, 21945 E Lake Pl, Aurora; you may text Kim to coordinate at 720-636-1912 but not required

Parker and anywhere else not Aurora – drop off on the Bishop’s front porch, 8775 Little Sunflower Pl, Parker; you may text Melissa to coordinate at 720-471-0853 but not required

  • SHOP AND DROP– for those of you who are uncomfortable or unable to shop, before church on 5/24, reach out to the Justice League or contact Kim or Melissa if you would like to coordinate with someone to shop for you and drop off items.


On May 24th, we will have 3 ways to work on Feeding Our Community. Each group will meet via our Google Meet small group for more details prior to beginning each activity. Please note that all in-person activities REQUIRE social distancing including masks, gloves, and 6-foot distancing.


1) Food Drive for Parker Task Force

636-888-0213‬ PIN: ‪889 265 218‬#

Folks who participate in this group led by Kim M, Carol F and Kendra P can:

  1. Help to shop for Prairie members who can not make it out to do so but want to contribute OR
  2. Collect items from Prairie member front porches OR
  3. Deliver their own items in person in the parking lot of our old stomping grounds, Pine Grove Elementary.

***Mask, gloves, and 6-foot distancing required.***

Want more specifics on nonperishable goods? See the Parker Task Force needs list here.


2) Creating Gardens

650-963-2034‬ PIN: ‪713 301 878‬#

Folks who participate in this group can:

  1. Join a group of 3-5 others led by Timothy B to plant the raised beds at Ready-to-Work/Bridge House***Mask, gloves, and 6-foot distancing required.***
  2. Spend time online in our google meet led by Clark H planning the Prairie Garden plot in Parker.


3) Nourishing Our Healthcare Workers and Addressing the Issues that lead to Food Insecurity

346-800-3897‬ PIN: ‪902 584 527‬#
  1. One group led by Melissa B will meet online on google meet to talk about Food Insecurity and ways we can advocate with public officials to address these concerns.
  2. Another group will discuss and plan to nourish our nursing home staff by arranging to bring them food following all CDC recommendations.

The Justice League will coordinate the safe delivery of the collected items (to the Parker Task Force and Ready-to-Work/Bridge House) as part of our service to our community. Please email the Justice League with any questions