Topic: Justice

Service Sunday: Keeping Our Community Safe


Two months ago we had a great turnout for our early bird service activity, so let’s repeat! Before worship at 10:30 am, in living out our social justice vision we will support our community in a variety of ways:

Open Space … read more.

March Service Sunday

Learning about Mental Health Justice and Issues

Please join us for Service Sunday, as we address what is true about mental health challenges and in what ways can we be in right relationship with ourselves and others as we navigate difficult times in our lives. We … read more.

Humanizing Love

Melissa Bishop and Rev. Jann Halloran invite us to redefine love in a way that moves us from a superficial understanding to one that entreats us to walk through discomfort and pain order to deeply hear and create relationships that humanize all of us bringing … read more.

Peace, Liberty, Justice

Please join us on December 2nd as Prairie’s theme turns to our 6th Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice.

We will take time to explore our Jewish roots as we head into Hanukkah at sundown. As we embark on the … read more.

Super Special Summertime Service Sunday

Please join us for our Summertime Service Sunday, on July 1, as we act to move our community toward freedom from hunger by serving lunch to those who are homeless with our partners at Aurora Warms the Night. We will have a shortened regular service … read more.