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Updates from the Board – July 2021

The 8th Principle: Building Our Community

I hope you found Sunday’s worship and discussion as inspiring and encouraging as I did. Paula Cole Jones brought us a critical message about our UUA efforts to fully implement a multicultural, anti-racist congregation with respect and love for all … read more.

Updates from COSM – May 2021

COSM Election Results

Congratulations to Margaret DeLeon for being elected to the Committee on Shared Ministry. Their terms will begin now and run through June 2024. Thirty-five percent of Members voted in this online election, which exceeded the twenty-five percent required for a quorum.  They will join existing COSM … read more.

Updates from the Board – June 2021

The Board is pleased to announce our Search Team for a new 50% minister.

Janet Stevens, Chair, Chair of Board Personnel Committee
Margaret DeLeon, COSM representative
Jan Cruz, COSM representative
Kyra Stovejev, Congregational Representative
John Kelty, Congregational Representative
Timothy Bishop, Congregational Representative

They will soon be seeking Congregational input and advice. Watch for … read more.

Updates from the Board – May 2021

Notice of Congregational Meeting

May 23, 2021 at 11:45

(immediately following Candles of Community on Google Meet) 




Establish Quorum: Kim Murray, Board of Trustees, Secretary

Call to Order: Vivian Littlefield, Board of Trustees, President

Welcome: Susan Ermisch, Committee on Shared Ministry, Chair

Chalice Lighting: Pastor AJ Blackwood

Touchstones: Vivian … read more.

Updates from the LifeSpan – April 2021

Please join us for the kickoff of the UURJ summer educational series, Reaching Deeper: Building Relationships at the Speed of Trust.  This series is open and without cost to ALL congregants of the sponsoring UURJ congregations, and it is the first step in a summer that … read more.