Our Governance

Prairie UU maintains a governance model of congregational polity, reflecting our belief in the use of the democratic process within our congregation as well as in society at large. While we are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association, we are self-governing, calling our own minister, handling our own finances, and taking our own positions on issues and practices.

In everything we do, we follow a model of shared ministry – shared ministry among the minister, the staff, and all governing and ministry committees. Our Board of Trustees oversees the fiduciary responsibilities of the church, sets overall policies, oversees personnel matters, and promotes vision and long –range planning. Our Ministry Programming, also known as our Associates Program, covers worship, music, religious education (for all ages), justice, caring, membership, and administration.

The illustration above provides an overview of how the many roles at Prairie UU are structured, all serving our mission that defines and guides us.

Our Staff

Committee on
Shared Ministry

Board of Trustees


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