Updates from the LifeSpan – April 2021

Please join us for the kickoff of the UURJ summer educational series, Reaching Deeper: Building Relationships at the Speed of Trust.  This series is open and without cost to ALL congregants of the sponsoring UURJ congregations, and it is the first step in a summer that will focus on building a Front-Range wide, non-hierarchical, relationship-based coalition among UU communities.  The series will explore what centering marginalized voices actually looks like in practice, with the goal of building the relationships among congregations that are crucial to an effective and unified Colorado UU anti-oppression, anti-racism coalition.
We need YOU in this series.

Please register at the link on the flyer, and mark your calendars for June 4-6!

Jen Simon (they/them, she/her)
Lifespan Education Coordinator
Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church
(720) 775-9863

Zoom office hours: Thursday 11:30am – 1pm