Throughout the month, we offer a variety of worship styles to honor varied backgrounds and experiences. Our Unitarian Universalist community is theologically diverse; we draw from many religious and spiritual traditions and festivals, welcoming people of all religious traditions into our Prairie UU family. This month’s services.


Whether you’re sipping on a cup of tea or savoring a tasty slice of cake, fellowship is an excellent opportunity to make friends, reflect on the day’s service, and just talk. For more information, contact our Hospitality Team.


We focus on all ages developing their faith together as Unitarian Universalists. We offer a variety of religious exploration classes and small groups for children, youth, and adults. Additionally, we offer workshops and “hot topic” conversations that cover everything from environmental issues, wellness and health, the women’s movement, understanding white supremacy, world religions, mysticism, and UU history. 

Service Sunday

One Sunday each month, Prairie members and their guests work to put their faith into action by focusing on justice in the community. As Unitarian Universalists, our faith calls us to be agents of social change. Guided by our principles, we connect to that which is larger than ourselves and discover how that connection transforms us and calls us to walk beside our partners as we endeavor to create the Beloved Community. The Justice League typically plans the service based on suggestions and recommendations from the congregation. For More Information, contact our Justice League.


We enjoy a variety of music during our Sunday services, including – but not limited to – choral arrangements, rock music, and familiar hymns, not to mention original compositions and improvisations. We also welcome guest performers and members of Prairie UU to share their musical talents during services, in solo performances, duets, or groups. We are blessed to have many gifted musicians in our community who regularly contribute to our musical programming. Contact Jenny, our acting Music Coordinator, with questions, or if you would like to participate.