A Healing Touch

Please join us on Sunday when Melissa Bishop and Andrew Paschetto will lead our service as we continue to look at physical self-care. For many of us, caring touch can be one of the most powerful forms of healing that we can experience. Join us as we discuss this phenomenon¬†and how to reach¬†out to others and to request physical support in ways that respect each other’s boundaries and promote physical care and wellness. We will also appreciate the important ways that Veterans have both sacrificed their physical health supported the physical health of those serving our country. If you are a Veteran, we hope you and your family will join us so that we might show our appreciation to you.

Learning Hour – Self-Care of our Bodies
Please join us for Learning Hour following the service, this week we will have to wonderful learning opportunities. For those of you who would like to do some deeper spiritual exploration, you can join in Reiki with Kyra Storojev where you can learn more about this practice of energy healing by learning what it means to bring Reiki into your spiritual practice on your own and how to connect with practitioners. For those who you like to explore healthy ways to care for our bodies, you can join in our All Ages Justice Class as we explore healthy ways to care for our bodies so that we have the energy and stamina for our important justice work in the world.