Speaker: Rev. Roger Butts

Flower Communion

Bring a flower in celebration of our annual Flower Communion, a celebration of spring/summer and community and beauty. Bring a flower, and let’s indulge in beauty.

My Symphony

Join us at the Parker Library or Google Meet. This Sunday’s service will be experiential in nature, drawing inspiration from the poet William Henry Channing. With a Bridging Ceremony, we will also celebrate our graduating/promoted youth, Xander Kelty and Danny McCorckle. Following the service, we will embark on a walking field trip to the cemetery to visit the … Continue reading My Symphony

The Feminine Sacred

Join us at the Parker Library or Google Meet. On this Mother’s Day, we will examine the various ways we engage the feminine sacred–the metaphors, the poetry, the images. We will also take time to recognize and celebrate our new members.

Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance)

Join us at the Parker Library or Google Meet. Every year that Reverend Roger occupies a pulpit, he delivers a service called Yom HaShoah. This is a time of remembering the devastation of the Holocaust. Using the book, The Zookeeper’s Wife, he will share wisdom about why we must never forget.


Join us at the Parker Library, or stream via Google Meet Passover and Easter are profound and deep images of liberation. We will explore together the deep imagery at the heart of this holy time.

The Call of Our Faith: Intersectionality

Join us at the Parker Library or Google Meet. The Call of Our Faith. “With humility and courage born of our history, we are called as Unitarian Universalists to build the Beloved Community where all souls are welcomed as blessings and the human family lives whole and reconciled.” Let’s explore together  

See No Stranger

Join us at the Lone Tree Library, Event Hall at 10055 Library Way, Lone Tree, CO 80124 or Google Meet. Valerie Kaur has written a gem of a book: See No Stranger. Many of you are familiar with it. She is a Sikh writer, and her book has captured the imagination of progressives all over the world. … Continue reading See No Stranger

Burning Bowl Ceremony

Join us in person at the Parker Library or join us online on Google Meet. Join us for a beloved ritual of release and aspiration. Let go of 2022 and dream of 2023. Rituals help us to orient ourselves in a world that is often difficult and unpredictable You are invited to come with an open heart … Continue reading Burning Bowl Ceremony

Deep Community

Please join us In-person Parker Library or online via Google Meet for an engaging service! Yom Kippur This is the highest holy day in the Jewish tradition. It is a time of introspection, prayer, and justice-seeking. Join us for a service of healing and at-one-ment.   Ralph Waldo Mouse Says:   “The most courageous act is to … Continue reading Deep Community