Speaker: Rev. Roger Butts

Flower Communion

Join us for Flower Communion at the Outdoor Park in The Pinery Bayou Gulch Regional Park, Picnic Shelter B. Map

Ralph Waldo Mouse Says

“The flowers are waiting for us to bloom.”

This I Believe

Join us online via Google Meet when Rev Roger will lead us in an exploration of how to think about spiritual journeys and how to write a This I Believe statement.

Rev. Rogers Sermon

This I Believe, the sermon

Our Spiritual Odysseys

Join us in person at the library with Rev Roger and Kyra, and Stephen as we explore our spiritual journeys how we’ve gotten where we’ve gotten. And what makes our spiritual journeys what they are–where we are and how we got here. We will be … read more.


Roger and Mike Martin will speak on nonviolence, via Google Meet. Mike Martin is the founder of RawTools, which converts guns into garden tools.

Democratic Process

“The Fifth Principle in Peril” The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. What is the state of the democratic experiment in the United States? Clark Huff and Roger Butts will explore together on … read more.

Where Do We Go From Here

Join us this Sunday, 1/16, Roger will be speaking on the theme: “Where Do We Go From Here?” When King wrote his last book, he knew that things were changing. He wanted to ask a crucial question: Do we pursue community or will we fall … read more.