UUMA Apology Letter for Sexual Misconduct

Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Apologizes for Failures to Take Appropriate Action on Sexual Misconduct

The national professional association for Unitarian Universalist ministers has issued a letter of apology for failing to always act and/or respond appropriately throughout its history in cases of sexual misconduct involving clergy.

The June 3 letter was sent to all UU ministers and provides contact information for anyone who wants to issue a complaint or needs support resources. The letter is signed by the executive team of the UUMA and its professional staff.

In part, the letter reads:

To those who have been harmed by the actions and inactions of current or past members of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Association, we deeply and honestly apologize for the failures of our institution and commit ourselves to building a UUMA in which you will have faith that we will not repeat the sins of our past.


Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association