Remembering Our Ancestors

Halloween Celebration Service

Everyone is invited to come to church in costume for our annual Halloween Celebration service (no costume weapons!). Rev. Jann Halloran and Kyra Storojev will lead a service in the spirit of Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead in Mexico and All Souls … read more.

Service Sunday – A Training On Homelessness

Our Justice League will lead a service on homelessness, exploring its effect in our area, part of our learning partnership with Aurora Warms the Night.  Dave Lukaszewski will provide special music.

See full details regarding this Aurora Warms The Night special Service Sunday event.

Lessons From A Wise Teacher

The Rev. Jann Halloran will explore the book, Ishmael, An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, by Daniel Quinn, the story of a gorilla who appears to teach truth about the story of the Earth and humanity’s impact upon it.  Learning Hour for all-ages afterwards.

This sermon … read more.

Special Blessing for Our Animal Friends

Bring your pets: from spiders to llamas and, of course, your cats and dogs!, for our annual outdoor Animal Blessing Service at 10 .a.m. We will meet on the east side of the school near the garden. We will remember Saint Francis and his beautiful relationship with animals … read more.

September’s Service Sunday

Join us for a shortened service and then we’ll dive into a service project (see below) that will benefit our community. Service Sunday is led by the Prairie Justice League. Jenny Rodman will provide special music. See Justice Calendar for other … read more.

Service on Forgiveness Honoring the Jewish High Holy Days

The Rev. Jann Halloran will lead us in a service of appreciation for the Jewish High Holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  The sacred work of this time is seeking forgiveness and granting it, when asked.  Dave Lukaszewski will provide special music.

Brunch Bunch Sunday for … read more.

Extending Community: A Community of Hearts

Join Prairie members Andrew Paschetto and Melissa Bishop in a service about how to deal with fear and hatred, when it is unleashed in civil discourse. How do we get past seeing people as “others”?  There also will be a bread communion as part of … read more.

Finding Spirit in Community

A faith community celebrates not only the care, learning and action created through personal relationships–it also celebrates the life-giving connection to what Rev. Jann Halloran calls the vertical dimension: the Spirit.

There is something that makes us more than the sum of our parts. Love, joy, … read more.