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Dream Sunday

Our Prairie Vision Team will lead the congregation in a conversation and process to develop our dreams as a community.  Special music will be provided by Eric Moon and there will be childcare and play for children.

Coming of Age and Middle School youth are invited … read more.

Humanizing Love

Melissa Bishop and Rev. Jann Halloran invite us to redefine love in a way that moves us from a superficial understanding to one that entreats us to walk through discomfort and pain order to deeply hear and create relationships that humanize all of us bringing … read more.

The Spiritual Practice of Kindness

Rev. Jann Halloran and Michael Meads will lead a service focused on developing kindness in our relationships.  Our 2nd Principle calls us to covenant and affirm justice, equity and compassion in human relations — starting with kindness helps us to achieve all three.  The Prairie … read more.

Deepening Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

MLK Sunday!

On this Martin Luther King Sunday, the Rev. Jann Halloran will ask us to recommit ourselves to anti-racism, something we can do personally and as a community.  This sermon will build upon the lessons learned from White Fragility, written by Robin Diangelo, which several … read more.

Burning Away Our Burdens

Happy New Year!
Join us for our traditional New Year’s service of burning away those things which hold us back or keep us from being our best selves. Instead of taking on new resolutions, we write on strips of paper those things we want to leave … read more.

Traditional Christmas Eve Service

All our invited to Prairie’s Traditional Christmas Eve Service, 7 p.m. at the school.

Meet early (5 p.m.) to help decorate and the service will be followed by a special  “Retro Christmas Cookie Reception.”

Christmas Eve Retro Cookie Party 

Hospitality is pleased to announce our Retro Cookie Party … read more.