Updates from the Justice League – January 2021

January 25, 2021

The Justice League needs YOU! With the pandemic continuing to impact unemployment, eviction rates, and homelessness, our community needs information of rights and resources. We’re creating an informational flyer to be distributed at apartment complexes and need volunteers to help distribute. If you are able to help, please contact Kim or Melissa.

January 18, 2021

From the Justice League: Mayoral Madness

It appears that the federal government does not hold a monopoly on poor leadership judgment. We recently had two local leaders – the mayors of Parker and Aurora – make some serious mistakes.

Let’s start with Mike Coffman, former CO congressman and somehow current mayor of Aurora. When Denver’s Mayor Hancock asked for collaboration on tackling the Denver metro area homeless challenges, Coffman responded with a sweeping gesture of white privilege: he “lived” on the streets for one week. Click here to watch a (poor) report on this activity.

Coffman drew some alarming but not surprising conclusions from the experience that only reinforced the damaging mythology around the homeless experience: that homeless people are summarily drug addicts, that they’re where they want to be, that we as a society enable them with public aid and chicken soup, etc. His reflections are shallow and trivializing. Since the report, there have been calls for his resignation. Petitions are circulating. Click here to view an excellent response from local leadership (city councils, homeless advocates, etc.).

We at PraireUU are fortunate in that we have been able to see beyond such shallow characterizations. We’ve heard directly from people who have experienced homelessness, we have partnered extensively with Aurora Warms the Night and Ready-to-Work/Bridge House, we have heard from advocates on practical solutions, and more. We understand perhaps more than most – and certainly more than Coffman – that homelessness is both caused by trauma and causes trauma. We look forward to expanding our work this year to JUUST Living, a UU-grounded housing facility with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community.

As for the newly elected Parker mayor, Jeff Toborg, there is not much to say. It appears that he endorses the conspiracy theories that fueled the violent and deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol. Click here to watch the news report on this.

So, we have plenty of opportunities to voice our opinions and support our communities. Go for it!


Mike Coffman (Aurora)

303.739.7015 (council office)

Email: [email protected]


Jeff Toborg (Parker)

Phone: 303.841.0353

Email: [email protected]

January 11, 2021

Wednesday, January 13, 6 pm – 7:30 MST Join a tele-townhall “On the Frontline: Evictions & the Economy.” Special guest: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Learn more and/or register here The Frontline Mass Calls: Learn. Connect. Act. · The Frontline

Need some reading material to get you through these next few months? Want to educate yourself on anti-racism and white privilege? Check out the new Justice League reading list here Racial justice resources.

Check out this creative thank you to PrairieUU from the Christmas gift recipients’.

January 4, 2021

(Mis)appropriation vs Appreciation

Why is this important?

Why is multiculturalism important?

Why is this scary?

KWL Chart

Example/Illustration Try Guys (taken from Beyond Holidays: Learning and Worshipping without Appropriating Resources by Dr. Helen Bishop Christina Rivera UUA Faith Development Office: Gail Forsyth-Vail, Adult Programs Pat Kahn, Children and Family Programs Jessica York, Faith Development Director)

Explanation Origins of Everything

Application at church: music, celebrations, religious exploration

UUA Resources

Cornrows, Kwanzaa and Confusion: The Dilemma of Cultural Racism and Misappropriation

(Mis)appropriation vs. Appreciation