Updates from the Justice League – April 2021

Hey everyone- in case you missed it, Prairie has recently partnered with the Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition. They are focusing on building partnerships with the faith community and need our help. I have compiled a list of Faith Organizations and have started filling in some basic contact information. We need to contact these churches and fill in the information ASAP in an effort to let them know about an upcoming event on May 5th. Even making a few calls would be EXTREMELY helpful!  I’ve attached a possible script. Please let me know if you have any questions. And thanks in advance!!!
Link to Faith Organization List:
(720) 471-0853

Together Colorado Legislative Action
Together Colorado is a faith-based community organization seeking to promote participatory democracy that works for everyone. Our congregation works with Together Colorado. We are seeking as many of us as possible to sign up for action alerts for the next 3-4 weeks of the current Colorado legislative session. The emphases for this year are affordable housing and putting an end to an ineffective and discriminatory policing practice called “show-ups“. (You can listen to the powerful showups testimony of Together Colorado leader Sharon Battle here.) It would be so helpful for our local legislators to hear from us about our support for these justice-oriented issues that are before them. Sign up here:https://www.togethercolorado.org/legislation#alerts.

Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition (DCHYC)
Community members and Partners,
The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition (DCHYC) is excited to announce our upcoming webinar! On the evening of May 5th 2021, 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Registration link
How To Have Hard Conversations and Create Inclusive Communities.
Hosted by: Rosalind Wiseman, New York Bestselling Author and Educator
How do we make an inclusive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging? How can we have honest conversations about discrimination, bias and bigotry that brings us closer as a community? How do we integrate the principles of dignity with members of our community, as well as further anti-discrimination work? While this topic for many can be uncomfortable, it is efforts like these that build our capacity to be a place of dignity for all. This is a solution focused learning opportunity and is not geared toward shaming dominant cultures or races.
Increased knowledge and skills to support school and community’s efforts to promote diversity and equity by covering the following topics:
– Bridge understanding about forms of discrimination/bias so that various community constituents feel heard and acknowledged
– Support anti-discrimination and inclusivity in all expressions of sexual orientation
– Facilitate conversations by defining the difference between a curious question that brings people of different experiences and opinions together, rather than a question that reinforces bias and alienation between individuals in our community
– Develop parents’ and other trusted adults’ skills to contribute to a culture of dignity in schools and the community
We intend to provide ongoing learning opportunities like this one over the coming months and years that focus on building the knowledge, skills and abilities of our families, trusted adults and our youth.
We will be working collaboratively with our members and organizational stakeholders; Tri-County Health Department, Mental Health professionals, Douglas County School District Health Wellness and Prevention (HWP) and Counseling department teams, Douglas County Mental Health Initiative, Faith community and countless others to deliver valuable ongoing learning opportunities that focus on health and well-being topics.
If you would like to learn more, follow us on [email protected], Instagram @DCHYC, Facebook or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter through our website: dchyc.org

PrairieUU Breakfast for Humanity (benefit for Habitat for Humanity)
Dear PrairieUU friends,
Hope you are safe and well! I believe we all share a vision of a world in which everyone has a decent place to live. I want to personally invite you to join me at Habitat Metro Denver’s virtual Breakfast for Humanity on Wednesday, April 21st.
Hear from health experts—including Colorado Health Foundation CEO and President Karen McNeil-Miller—about how living in a safe, decent and affordable home improves an entire family’s health and their quality of life. A homeowner will also share how their lives have been forever changed since partnering with Habitat.
Don’t miss this inspiring event!
Breakfast for Humanity
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Livestreamed at 8 am
You can reserve your spot for this free event by registering here: www.habitatbreakfast.org. Please select either Molly Frank or Nancy Green (the two Habitat Interfaith Alliance table hosts) in the drop-down menu. If you wish to make a donation, please note that it is for Habitat Interfaith Alliance.
For 2021, HIA is helping sponsor a Habitat home in the Aria neighborhood located around 52nd and Federal in NW Denver. Thank you in advance for your support!
I hope to “see” you on the 21st!
With Gratitude and Hope,
Prairie UU
Co-Secretary, Habitat Interfaith Alliance

The Justice League would like to give a HUGE shout out to Deena Lawrence and Jim Rogo for their undying support of our partnership with Habitat Interfaith Alliance (HIA). This organization was really struggling with the challenges of a virtual environment and needed leadership rotations. Deena and Jim have stepped into leadership roles and soon HIA will resume their many delightful fundraising activities and builds. Stay tuned for updates! We are so proud of and grateful for Deena and Jim!! Pictured here at 2019 trivia night fundraiser! Interested in learning more about HIA? Check out their website here.