Updates from the Board – November 2020

November 9, 2020


At Prairie UU we address the challenges and issues within our faith, principles and touchstones. We commit to covenant to each other in love and support.

The business of the church continues and is steady. The last meeting of the Board on October 20, 2020 was productive and active. We approved 2020-2021 goals (here). Please review and provide advice about activities to meet these goals. We also reviewed and approved with minor revisions, the COSM recommendations about the elected Nominations Committee policies and procedures. Board members suggested additional revisions and a Board representative (Kim Murray), a representative from COSM (Susan Ermisch) and the current Nomination Chair (Janet Stevens) have revised the Nomination Policies and Procedures. They will be available soon on the Google documents under Membership.

Another important action was to approve a role for a Board Liaison to Standing Committees. The Liaison role is to support, assist and advocate for our standing committees to lead our church community forward with our mission and vision and keep our covenant strong. Committee Chairs will soon receive the covenant the Board makes to committees and who their Liaison is.

Our finances are also stable. Our Treasure, Clark Huff, Renee and Rhonda are applying for a Douglas County Grant to support expenses that are due to the pandemic.

The finance committee is also exploring additional fundraising activities.

Please watch the newsletters for future information about the Widening the Circle of Concern discussions, we are pausing for reflection and action about the election.

In Covenant,
Vivian Littlefield, President Board of Trustees