Understanding Othering

We cannot seem to help creating and living within our tribes, and these tribes are what often divide us from one another. How can we learn to know when we are in our tribe and othering others, Rev. Jann Halloran asks?  If we can’t learn to see beyond our tribes, we cannot fully live into our Unitarian Universalist principles.  Eric Moon will provide special music.

Learning Hour, April 15:

Renewable Energy & Electric Cars, led by Christof Demont-Heinrich

Did you know that you can drive a car on 100% clean, green, domestically made and produced solar electricity?  In this class, we will be examining what you, as an individual, and we, as a society, need to do in order to plug ourselves in to so-called “Driving on Sunshine.” Several Prairie members are already doing this!

Among other things, we will cover the local, national and global benefits of solar energy and the solar/renewable energy + electric car combination, the basics about electric cars, and myths about both solar and electric cars being perpetrated by those with vested interests — the fossil fuel industries — in keeping the news about 100 percent emissions-free driving from reaching the American, and global, general public.”

Buddhist meditation group, led by Jason Bezon

Elementary, Middle and High School classes and groups will have their regular meetings.