Prairie is a Strong Social Justice Community

Social Justice Creates Strong Community!

From Melissa Bishop, Co-Chair Prairie UU Social Justice Committee

Prairie Unitarian Universalist is committed to fostering a social justice focused community. We find value in deeply listening to each other’s stories and reflecting on our personal experiences with justice work, mental health, homelessness, law enforcement, gender discrimination, pink hats, and sexual violence.

The Prairie UU community goes deep and sustains a wide range of justice efforts. At Prairie UU, we know that we do not walk alone. Our reach, over the past year, has been expansive. From participating in marches to caring for our homeless neighbors in Aurora and Parker—to keeping our open space clean and partnering with those who care for animals in need. Much of our community work is done during our monthly Service Sundays where we have a shortened worship service and then a meaningful community outreach project.

As Prairie goes into the community to accompany those in need, something interesting and amazing happens. Our community here has grown closer! There is something about working together and feeding the energy of that which binds us in care. We feel we are making some small change, some corner of kindness—if just for that moment.

It’s powerful and humbling.


If you are interested in social justice, please consider joining Prairie’s Justice League. To see a list of our upcoming events, visit our Justice League Calendar. You may also visit the Unitarian Universalist website to learn more about UU’s work in the area of social justice.