PUUC Habitat Build
PUUC Habitat Build


Successful Service Sunday at Bridge House

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made last week’s Service Sunday at Bridge House a success! They were so appreciative of our work in the garden, cleaning the grill and getting some things done in the office. Please read below for our special invitation to their Carnival Style Block Party next Saturday, 7/27.

Service Sunday at Bridge House Painting Service Sunday, Cleaning Grill








Service Sunday, Kids Helping out Service Sunday, Cleaning Grill











Block Party for Bridge House

We sponsored a booth at the Block Party for Bridge House Ready to Work program last Saturday! Missing from the pictures is Kendra Perez and Adelaide and Janet Stevens who worked the last half. Featuring Maurice Murray and Timothy Bishops art therapy work with theresidents there! Thanks to Vivian Littlefield, Timothy Bishop, Maurice and Kim Murray and their grandkids for getting the booth decorated.

Prairie’s Justice League Library

Prairie’s Justice League Library is now available. We have a wide variety of
Justice-related books available to check out during Fellowship. Please see a Justice League member for details and recommendations. Be looking for a growing Children’s Section!

Individual Intercultural Development Plans

Prairie has committed to learning about and working toward eliminating systemic white supremacy and the culture that perpetuates it. To that end, we are encouraging our community to create Individual Intercultural Development Plans (IDPs.) The purpose of IDPs is to develop actionable goals and to work toward them by supporting and holding one another accountable. It’s an important first step in our justice work together. Please contact Melissa Bishop or Nancy Long at Justice League for more information about how to get started. The Justice League spends time every meeting discussing IDPs and you are always welcome to join them. See the announcement and eblast for details about our upcoming meeting.

Please see or contact Melissa Bishop for a membership form and details.

We Believe Survivors Fund

Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church is committed to centering the needs of survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We know that when sexual assault and abuse happens in relation to people in a position of trust, particularly through a church or other religious organization, the trauma can be especially profound. Prairie is participating with other UU churches in Colorado to provide crisis support to help survivors navigate the various systems they may come in contact with legal, organizational, healthcare, etc.
Additionally, Prairie has established a dedicated We Believe Survivors Fund to assist survivors with the costs of mental health support and legal fees. While we recognize that this in and of itself is not likely to completely cover either the financial and emotional costs of survivorship, our hope is that survivors will know that here, they are believed and supported.
Donations are tax-deductible and while they are made to Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church, they will be allocated to the We Believe Survivors Fund to be distributed by our Fund Administrator or Prairie’s Executive Board’s designee. Donor anonymity will be protected.
If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault or abuse at the hands of someone connected to a church and in a position of trust, please contact our Fund Administrator and fellow survivor Melissa BishopClick here to donate to the We Believe Survivors Fund.