Pastor AJ BlackwoodPastor AJ is here to provide excellent and supportive care to our community members. He wants all of our members to know that they are not alone and to ask for support. Being part of a faith community also means you have a minister, and Pastor AJ encourages you to email him any time when you are going through a crisis or transition, including a death or serious illness in your family, the loss of a job or vocation, divorce or separation, planning a wedding, family issues, an arrest or court matter, a mental illness issue, a conflict, or a spiritual struggle. PrairieUU also has a Community Fund for its member’s needs, administered by Pastor AJ and the Committee on Share Ministry. If you have lost your job or have a sudden financial hardship, please contact Pastor AJ or call him at 720-549-0531.
Needs and concerns of our PrairieUU community are coordinated through PrairieUU’s Caring Circle. This group helps facilitate support for individuals and families going through life changes, including illness, a death in the family or other loss, or a significant anniversary or celebration. Our Caring Circle has many dedicated members who make hospital visits, provide meals, send cards and notes, make phone calls and provide rides to church and doctor’s appointments.Our congregation is divided into Geographic Caring Circles based upon home zip codes (north, east, south, west, and central), so that we are best able to identify neighbors who might be more able to help someone, especially with a meal or ride. If you have a concern or would like to join this group please contact Pastor AJ.
The foundation of our community is built on caring for each other. We learn about many of our congregant’s needs in Candles of Community during our Sunday services and via our Candles of Community request form. You are invited to share with us anything that is bringing you personal joy or sorrow at this time such as a new addition or loss in your family, or a life transition. Please complete the Candles of Community form if you or someone you know is in need. All requests will be handled with confidentiality and sent to Pastor AJ.
Living Well with Mental Health - This group is open to anyone who suffers from any kind of mental illness or for those who care for others who have any kind of mental illness. Other support groups, such as a Grief Group, a Parenting Group, and a Divorce Group, have been offered over the years. PrairieUU supports our members as they create small groups to meet their needs.