Prairie UU provides audio of select portions of our Sunday services – usually the Chalice Lighting and sermon, music, and sometimes other worship elements. To access past podcasts, click a date below. If a podcast is available for that service, you will be able to access it from its service page.

We also have a few videos you can see by visiting the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church Youtube Channel.

Approaching the Mountain

Online Worship Service

I’ve gone to the mountain top. What does it mean to build a beloved community? Pastor AJ and Jen Simon will be imagining what it means to live in the valley and look to the mountain for guidance and comfort.


Watch Worship Live … read more.

Imagining Truth

Online Worship Service

What happens when you hold two truths that seem to be at odds with each other? We will be imagining what it is to live in a world where multiple truths lead to feelings of liberation, conflict and even hypocrisy if not clear. … read more.

A Whole New World

Online Worship Service

Welcome to 2021! This Sunday we will be digging into our imagination. You are invited to join us for our annual Burning Service. Bring with you all that you have been holding in 2020 and we will imagine the future celebrating the birth … read more.