Updates from the Board – January 2021

January 11, 2021

I hope your New Year is starting well! Here is to a Better 2021!

The Board and Finance Committee will be busy in early January building a Dream or Goal budget for Congregational input. A major task is envisioning/imaging when we can return in person which affects our budget in many ways, rent, need for childcare providers, a sexton etc. The current prediction about returning in person is January 2022. All of our members should have the opportunity to receive the vaccine by the end of summer, so there is some possibility we could return in September. We will be watchful of the progress made with vaccinations, unexpected challenges etc. Please review the information provided by our new Pandemic Safety Advocate, Calisse WiednerClark Huff is providing commentary that is very helpful and I have been sharing brief presentations from my nursing professional organizations. We want to be safe and also meet together when we are safe because of the importance of personal contact to maintaining our blessed community for all.

Our Board meets on January 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm. Join us if you wish to share ideas and concerns. We will be considering the final nomination committee’s role and responsibilities from the COSM, a proclamation about the celebration of Thanksgiving from the Justice League, an appointment of the Inclusion and Diversity Advocate, approval of the Dream/Goal budget, Bylaws change to increase the term of the COSM from two to three years as well as the agenda for the January 31 Congregational Meeting. Let me know if you have an agenda item for this meeting and please attend! The COSM has an exciting proposal about our vision, the associate program and Widening the Circle that engages all leadership groups/committees in Prairie UU as well as allows diverse opportunities for individual members to lead our community forward.

In Covenant,
Vivian Littlefield, Board President