Updates from the Board – April 2021

Greetings to those in covenant:

Albert Einstein reminds us that “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” Prairie UU has some opportunities for you!

Offer to become a lay leader! We have openings in Standing and Congregational Committees that would allow you to give back to Prairie UU. We have openings for a Caring Circle Chair, an Auction Chair, the Board Personnel Committee, the newly evolving Leadership Development Committee and new members of the Justice League. New COSM members are being elected April 18, 2021.

I know that many of you are fully engaged in leadership roles. Some of you need to step away for a while to tend to self care and other demanding personal challenges. A review of the attached video about Serving with Grace, Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice. (https://vimeo.com/13212025) suggests that if we viewed committee involvement, leadership roles as Chairs and officers as a spiritual practice we can find these roles more exciting and rewarding. There would be less burnout. Service to others can increase a sense of belonging to the community and allows those who serve to feel like they are making a difference in our “beloved community.” The author of the book (Eric Walker Wickstrom) notes that service in a faith community should be different than in other types of organizations. I am hopeful we can make leadership different at Prairie UU. rewarding and spiritual with loving care for others.

The Board has been working to define the Liaison role to Standing Committees and fully implement the role. See the Board covenant to the Standing Committees in next section.

Currently the Liaison for:

  • The Caring Circle is Carol Foster
  • The Justice League is Calisse Weidner
  • The Core Team is Vivian Littlefield
  • The Membership/Communication Committee is Brenda Peterson

When committees want support, guidance, have concerns or want assistance to implement new initiatives they should connect their Liaison or come to the Board meeting and let us know what your needs are. The COSM is defining how committees engage in our Vision and Widening the Circle recommendations. It is possible that we can become a connected community open to opportunities despite our challenges.

With gratitude for your service,

Vivian, President Board of Trustees




Provide committees with a Board Liaison. (per Bylaws)

Support the efforts of the committee in its work to serve the Prairie UU community.

Provide financial support as much as possible to ensure the committee’s success.

Act with expedience in addressing committee needs and requests.

Assure that committees have open avenues of communication with the Board.

Assist with communication between committees, as well as with other leadership and Staff

Provide committees with access to workspace, library resources, as well as access to technological resources and training when committees are engaging remotely.

Board approved: October 2020


Watch video about Leadership Being a Spiritual Practice (click here)


Susan Reardon is stepping down after many years leading the Caring Circle with commitment and dedication. If you are interested in caring for fellow members, reaching out to those who need help and support and coordinating the Candles of Community, please consider volunteering. Contact Susan at Susanr@Prairieuu.org or Vivian Littlefield at vivianl@prairieuu.org for information There are continuing committee members as well as Susan to support your learning.