Prairie UU provides audio of select portions of our Sunday services – usually the Chalice Lighting and sermon, music, and sometimes other worship elements. To access past podcasts, click a date below. If a podcast is available for that service, you will be able to access it from its service page.

We also have a few videos you can see by visiting the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church Youtube Channel.

Encouraging Spiritual Growth

At its best, religious community provides space for spiritual growth, individually as well as communally. Join Rev. Jann in a service that will consider the many ways we grow spiritually through intentional practices. Dave Lukaszewski and Eric Moon will provide special music.

Following the service, an … read more.

March Service Sunday

Learning about Mental Health Justice and Issues

Please join us for Service Sunday, as we address what is true about mental health challenges and in what ways can we be in right relationship with ourselves and others as we navigate difficult times in our lives. We … read more.