Prairie UU provides audio of select portions of our Sunday services – usually the Chalice Lighting and sermon, music, and sometimes other worship elements. To access past podcasts, click a date below. If a podcast is available for that service, you will be able to access it from its service page.

We also have a few videos you can see by visiting the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church Youtube Channel.

Canvass & Conversations


Melissa B, our Justice League co-chair will lead us to articulate how changes to Colorado’s voting laws this year support justice and what work remains. We will hear from Clark H on how understanding the importance of voting grounded his community justice work. Immediately following … read more.

In My Time of Dying


Often when we talk about the death of a loved one we talk about death with dignity and allowing a person to make a decision to die on their terms. Sometimes the most difficult thing that any of will have to do in our lives, … read more.

Faith, Love, and Service


Join us this Sunday as we open our month-long theme of Agape ~ Unconditional Love. We will be exploring what it is to build the beloved community around us in Parker and beyond. Pastor AJ will ask us what it means to live in a … read more.