Prairie UU provides audio of select portions of our Sunday services – usually the Chalice Lighting and sermon, music, and sometimes other worship elements. To access past podcasts, click a date below. If a podcast is available for that service, you will be able to access it from its service page.

We also have a few videos you can see by visiting the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church Youtube Channel.

Flower Communion

Bring flowers from your garden for this beautiful service on inclusion based upon our Unitarian Universalist historical tradition of Flower Communion.  Eric Moon will provide special music.  This also will be Rev. Jann Halloran’s last service at Prairie.

Celebrating our Bridging Seniors

Join us for a special service to recognize our graduating high school seniors, whom we recognize as “bridging” into adulthood. Prairie’s seniors are Kori Barber, Savanna Berrett, Jason Gentala and Justina Pratt — congratulate them when you see them!

Dave Lukaszewski, Paul Ermisch and Jenny Rodman … read more.