Dream of Prairie

Rev. Jann will tell the story of our Prairie community through her perspective and offer her dreams for the future. Eric Moon and the Prairie Band will provide special music.

Note Special Sunday Gathering: Brunch Bunch will meet for Middle and High School youth.

During Learning Hour (11:35 a.m.), Rev. Jann will lead a class on our Common Read: The Hate U Give. This should be an interesting class on racism and culture whether or not you have read the book or seen the movie.  Youth are also invited to join us.  There will be childcare and a class led by Emily Tow for younger children.

Adult Education and Enrichment Planning, at 11:35 in the cafeteria.  If you’re interested in developing Prairie’s adult programming plan to attend!

At 12:45: Prairie’s Justice League will meet at the home of Nancy Long.

Also at 12:45: Religious Education Planning for Youth will meet at the home of Susan Ermisch.  Anyone interested especially in middle school and high school programming is welcome to join us!

Click here to listen to this service, “Dream of Prairie.”