Justice League Reading List


Please READ: “Why Soul 2 Soul Centers Black Lives – Black Lives Matter Realities”

Please READ and LISTEN:  “Black Liberation Theology, in its Founder’s Words

Please READ and LISTEN:  “A Closer Look at Black Liberation Theology

”Please READ: “The Myth of Meritocracy in the Era of Black Lives Matter,” by Funmilola Fagbamila

Please READ: “The Matter of Black Lives,” by Jelani CobbPlease

READ: “Alicia Garza on the beauty and the burden of Black Lives Matter,” by Elle HuntPlease

WATCH: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, by Dr. Joy De Gruy-Leary

Please LISTEN: “Black Rage,” by Lauren Hill,

Please LISTEN:  “Feeling Good,” by Nina Simone

Please READ: “White Fragility,” by Robin D’AngelouPlease

READ: “How Women’s Studies Erased Black Women,” by Erin BlakemorePlease

READ: “Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination,” by Dr. Patricia Hill Collins

Please READ: “Why Your Black Friend Is Tired,” by Carrington KinseyPlease

READ: “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege,” by Tal Fortgang

Please READ: “Why I’ll always Apologize for My Privilege,” by Scot Nakagaw, Race Files

Please READ: “Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism” by Eric K. Ward

Please READ: “White Christian Male America’s Sad Final Stand” by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

Please READ: “Why White Privilege Isn’t Going Away:  A Theological Reflection,” by Rev. Dr. Mark Boswell

Please READ: “Donald Trump’s White Christian Supremacy” by Terrell Jermaine Star

Please READ: “Trump’s Double Standard for White Supremacists and Muslims” by Wajahat Ali

Please READ: “American-Muslims on Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism

“Please READ:  “The Whitewashing – and Resurrection – of Dr. King’s Legacy,” by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

Please READ:  “Concepts that are frequently used in racial justice discussions that center Black people and non-Black people of color.”  There are additional concepts in this handout.

Please READ:  “The Four “I’s”of Oppression,” adapted/used by Chinook Fund

Please READ:  “For the Love of Black Transwomen, Black LGBTQIA Folks Resist,” by Ace Portis

Woman in Viral Photo from Women’s March to White Female Allies: ‘Listen to a Black Woman,’” by Brooke Obie

Please READ:  “Even Black Joy is a Crime,” by Stacey Patton

Please READ:  “Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie,” by Ibram X. Kendi

Please READ:  “Abolish The Police? Organizers Say It’s Less Crazy Thank It Sounds,” by Maya Dukmasova

Please WATCH:  “Brown Eye, Blue Eye,” by Jane Elliot

Please READ:  “Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism is Real,” by Manisha Krishnan




Please WATCH:  “The Urgency of Intersectionality,” by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw

Please READ:  “5 Signs Your Idea of ‘Intersectionality’ is Anti-Black Racism in Disguise,” by Hari Ziyad

Please READ:  “The Problem with Intersectional Feminism,” by Helen Pluckrose



Reproductive Justice


Please READ:  “The Color of Choice: White Supremacy and Reproductive Choice,” by Loretta J. Ross

Please READ:  “RJ Founding Mothers

Please READ/LISTEN:  “At the Intersection of Faith and Reproductive Justice,” by Sabin Blaizin

Please READ:  “Let’s Talk About Sex and Reproductive Justice,” by Amie Newman

Please READ:  “Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Voices: The State of Black Women and Reproductive Justice


Racial Microaggressions


Please READ:  “Examples of Racial Microaggressions

Please READ:  “Microaggressions Don’t Just Hurt Your Feelings,” by Alia E. Dastagir

Please READ:  “The Socialization and Comfortableness of Microaggressions,” by Andrea Boyles


Racial Battle Fatigue


Please READ:  “Racial Injustice Fatigue: Coping With the Toxicity of Well-Meaning White People,” by Kel Daroe

Please READ:  “‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ is Real: Victims of Racial Microaggression are Stressed Like Soldiers in War,” by David Love

Please WATCH:  “Challenging Racial Battle Fatigue with Dr. William A. Smith


Cultural Appropriation


Please READ:  “Cultural Appropriation: Sometimes it’s so blatant it smacks us in the face, other times it can be a total minefield,” by David Barnett

Please READ:  “Cultural Appropriation:  The Use and Abuse of Black Women in Today’s Media” by Adana Akams

Please READ:  “The Black Commodity,” by Summer Okoye




White Privilege


Please READ:  “Peggy McIntosh Sets Record Straight on White Privilege:  What It Is and What It Is Not,” by Carla Murphy

Please READ:  “5 Truths About White Privilege for White People,” by John Pavlovitz

Please LISTEN:  “White Privilege,” by Macklemore

Please READ:  “The Power and Privilege of White Women,” by Cara Meredith

Please READ:  “San Antonio Spurs Coach Calls Out White Privilege,” by John Mitchell

Please WATCH:  “What Does it Mean to be White in a Society that Proclaims Race Meaningless,” by Dr. Robin DiAngelo

Please READ:  “White People Lack Empathy Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum, New Study Reveals,” by Sophia Tesfaye


Implicit Bias


Please READ:  “How to Think About Implicit Bias,” By Keith Payne, Laura Niemi, John M. Doris

Please READ:  “As Starbucks Trains on Implicit Bias, the Author of ‘White Fragility’ Gets Real,” by Alia E. Dastagir


White Supremacy


Please READ:  “The Shameful Persistence of White Supremacy in America,” by Yolanda Moses

Please READ:  “White Supremacy is the Achilles Heel of American Democracy,” by Vann R. Newkirk II

Please WATCH:  “#WhiteFragility with Battalora and DiAngelo – The Fear of White Men

Please READ:  “White Supremacy Culture,” by Tema Okun

Please READ:  “Black People Are Not Here to Teach You:  What So Many White Americans Just Can’t Grasp”by Kali Holloway

Please READ:  “4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing The White Tears” by Jennifer Loubriel

Please WATCH:  “I Am Not Your Negro,” by James Baldwin *This film is available to rent on YouTube for as low as $3.99.


Sexualization/Fetishization of Black People


Please READ:  “Fetishizing Black Men Isn’t a Compliment, It’s Racism – I’m Just Saying,” by Elizabeth Ononiwu

Please WATCH:  “Get Out,” Directed by Jordan Peele *This film is available to buy on YouTube for as low as $7.99.

Please READ:  “‘We’re Not Here For White People’s Pleasure.’ On Race, Fetish and Objectification,” by Stella Harris

Please READ:  “Behind Amy Schumer’s ‘Get Out’ joke: The horrible legacy of claiming the Black phallus endangers white women,” by Sherronda Brown

Please READ:  “The Colonial Roots of the Racial Fetishization of Black Women,” by Caren M. Holmes

Please READ:  “Colonizing Black Female Bodies Within Patriarchal Capitalism,” by Akeia A. F. Benard

Please READ:  “The ‘Adultification’ of Black Girls: Less Protection, More Discipline


Respectability Politics


Please WATCH:  “Ratchet Black Politics and Disrespectable Black Feminism,” by Dr. Brittney Cooper

Please READ:  “What are Respectability Politics and Why Do We Ascribe to Them?” by Maurice Dolberry




Please READ:  “The Roots of Colorism, or Skin Tone Discrimination,” by Nadra Kareem Nittle

Please READ:  “#BlackMentalHealth Conversations: Colorism,” by Chandra White-Cummings

Please READ:  “Colorism: Let’s Start Talking,” by Chandra White-Cummings

Please READ:  “Skin Deep Discrimination

Please WATCH:  “Iyanla Hosts a Candid Talk About Colorism With 6 Black Women

Please READ:  “Black With (Some) White Privilege,” by Anna Holmes

Please READ:  “‘If You is White, You’s Alright …’ Stories About Colorism in America,” by Kimberly Jade Norwood


Code Switching


Please WATCH:  “What is Code-Switching?”

Please READ:  “Learning How to Code-Switch: Humbling But Necessary” by Eric Deggans

Please READ:  “I Refuse to Code-Switch When I’m Around My White Friends,” by Jenna Graham

Please READ:  “Talking White and Living Black: The Art of Code-Switching,” by Hanifa Barnes

Please READ:  “Sorry to Bother You, Black Americans and the Power and Peril of Code-Switching,” by AT McWilliams

Please READ:  “As A Black Woman, I Wish I Could Stop Code-Switching. Here’s Why,” by Maya Lewis

Racialized Trauma

Please READ:  “Mental Health and the Current Times: Racial Trauma,” by Charmaine Perry

Please READ:  “The Little Understood Mental-Health Effects of Racial Trauma,” by Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez

Please READ:  “Racial Trauma is Real: The Impact of Police Shootings on African Americans,” by Erlanger A. Turner, PhD & Jasmine Richardson


Black Joy


Please READ:  “Black Joy, We Deserve It,” by Cody Charles

Please WATCH:  “Black Panther,” Directed by Ryan Coogler *This film is available to rent on YouTube for as low as $2.99.

Please READ:  “Why Black Joy is Absolutely Necessary,” by Christy DeGallerie

Please READ:  “How One Woman Started a Movement with #BlackGirlMagic,” by Cate Barker

Please READ:  “‘Count It All Joy’:  The Inextinguishable Light of Black Womanhood,” by Carrie R. Moore

Please READ:  “5 Men in History Who Displayed Black Boy Joy

Please READ:  “Why We Need #BlackGirlMagic & #BlackBoyJoy,” by Donni Smalls


Healing Justice


Please READ:  “A Not-So-Brief Personal History of the Healing Justice Movement, 2010-2016,” by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Please READ:  “Radically Healing Black Lives:  A Love Note to Justice,” by Shawn A. Ginwright

Please READ:  “Healing Justice is How We Can Sustain Black Lives,” by Prentis Hemphill

Please LISTEN:  “Blackness & Belonging,” by Prentis Hemphill

Please LISTEN:  “Sustaining Ourselves When Confronting Violence,” by Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor




Please READ/LISTEN:  “The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Please READ:  “Reparations are Owed: Here are a Few Ways to Pay the Bill,” by Jamelle Bouie

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Please WATCH: https://youtu.be/sTtGFh0G5qM “This is Us”

Please READ: “What To Do When They Don’t Want You To Exist,” by Rembert Browne

Please WATCH: “5 Tips for Being An Ally,” by Chescaleigh

Please READ: “11 Things White People Can Do to be Real Anti-Racist Allies,” by Kali Holloway

Please WATCH: “Race, Accountability, and Allyship at Brown”

Please READ:  “Ally or Co-Conspirator? What it Means to Act #InSolidarity

Please READ:  “For the Love of Black Transwomen, Black LGBTQIA Folks Resist,” by Ace Portis

Please READ: “We Need Co-Conspirators, Not Allies: How White Americans Can Fight Racism” by Rose Hackman

Please READ: “Allyship:  Three Jesus-Inspired Ways to Respond to the Election” by Ruthie Johnson **NOTE: This article is more inclusive and offers broader themes and recommendations than the title may indicate*

Please READ:  “For Our White Friends Desiring to be Allies,” by Courtney Ariel

Please READ:  “Speaking Truth to Power – The Inestimable Cost of Prophetic Identity,” By Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval

Please READ:  “Moving Toward an Inclusive Model of Allyship for Racial Justice,” By Viraj S. Patel