Prairie UU provides audio of select portions of our Sunday services – usually the Chalice Lighting and sermon, music, and sometimes other worship elements. To access past podcasts, click the date below. If a podcast is available for that service, you will be able to access it from its service page.

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We also have videos you can see by visiting the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church Youtube Channel.

Where Do We Go From Here

Join us this Sunday, 1/16, Roger will be speaking on the theme: “Where Do We Go From Here?” When King wrote his last book, he knew that things were changing. He wanted to ask a crucial question: Do we pursue community or will we fall … read more.

Moral Beauty

Join us on Google Meet when Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding’s address will ask participants to reflect on what “moral beauty” as a concept may mean and how to engage it as a practice for social justice and transformation. Often the terms diversity and inclusion are … read more.