Soul Matters

When:  Usually it will be the 2nd and 4th Sunday Learning Hour.  Occasionally, there may be a Town meeting or other important meetings that may result in just one time a month. The time will be at 11:45-12:45 online, after Candles of Community. To get on the meeting go to the calendar and click on the Learning Time.

September:  Renewal
October:  Deep Listening
November:  Healing
December:  Stillness
January:  Imagination
February:  Beloved Community
March:  Commitment
April:  Becoming
May:  Story
June:  Play

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History of Soul Matters

Soul Matters was started by UU Minister Scott Taylor. Initially, he developed it for worship services and Adult Small Groups. He began to share it with other churches and they started contributing to it.  Then they developed a curriculum for children’s Religious Education.   Today, approximately 300 UU churches are using the Soul Matters material.


This group is to help one explore their own “truth” or spiritual discernment. It is between a support group and a discussion group. Rather than intellectualizing information, it is focused on being more introspective.  The spiritual exercises invite us to experience themes, not just analyze them. The sharing of our experiences helps us see new ways of seeing things and connects us with each other on a deeper level.


Each month we will get a small group packet with a different theme. This theme is the same for Worship and Children’s programs.  The adult packet will be shared via a link in the e-newsletter, usually, prior to the beginning of the new month.  (Note: it will be easier to access these packets if you are using the Prairie Gmail, which Rhonda can help you with.  Because of copyright, we are not able to put them on our website without using a password.)  In the packet, there will be:

Several spiritual exercises to choose from
Several “questions” to choose from
Lots of additional resources, including readings, videos, and music, if you wish to pursue them.

In group time, you will share your experience/reflection on the exercise you chose.  After members share their experiences, all participants can reflect on and appreciate others’ sharing.  Then participants will share which question they chose to reflect on for the month, why, and what their experience with it was.  Then all participants again reflect on that and how it might connect to their experiences.  The meeting will start with a centering reading and end with one, as well as a spiritual check-in.

You may find you want to use the small group packet for a journal exploration. This could be done along with participating in the group or not.

Below you will find information to get the October Soul Matters small group packet.

  • If you have an active Prairie Gmail account click on this link (to the October small group packet).
  • If you do not have a Prairie Gmail account, or can’t access it, please contact Communications to get this set up.
  • If you are unable to get the documents and want to start using them, email