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Shop with Scrip’s gift card program makes earning money for PrairieUU easy! You buy full-value gift cards, and the retailers give a rebate of 2-20% back to PrairieUU.

With over 250 brands that offer gift
cards, that can be sent right to your
email INBOX or right to your home,
this is a great way to purchase gifts
for others, staying out of stores

Email Crystal B. for the PrairieUU Enrollment Code.

Your guide to spring gifting

Shop the 2022 Spring Gift Guide to get your friends and family the gifts they want, while giving your organization the support it needs. You earn with every gift card purchased.

Earn more by getting more people involved

Friends, coworkers, family members—they’re buying gifts too. Share the guide with them and let them know they can buy gift cards through you, and support your fundraising earnings at the same time.


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