The PrairieUU Board of Trustees is a group of elected church members and one youth who are responsible for church leadership in matters of strategy, policy, vision, finance and stewardship. Board Meetings are held monthly and members are welcome to attend. Please confirm with the President the time and location of the meetings.

Members of the Board of Trustees include:

Clark Huff, Board President
Brenda Peterson, Secretary
Bill Baird, Treasurer
At Large Members:
Molly Ermisch, Carol Foster, John Kelty, Andrew Pashetto, Calisse Weidner

Members of the Committee on Shared Ministry include:

Michael Meads, co-chair, Right Relations
Marjorie Bezdek, co-chair, Ministry Oversight and Development
Samera Baird, Right Relations
Fran Lukaszewski, Ministry Oversight and Development
Joe Francis, Mission and Vision