Welcome Linda Kulinski

Dear Prairie members and friends,

Valerie Senger, who has been with us since July, has stepped down as our administrative assistant, effective Oct. 31.  Our personnel committee went back to another candidate in our initial round of interviews, and we are pleased to report that Linda Kulinski will be joining us immediately.

Linda Kulinski
Linda Kulinski

Linda is a nurse and worked in administrative roles in the insurance industry. She will be your contact to get information into our newsletter and onto our website at prairie@prairieuu.org.  You will have the opportunity to meet Linda on a Sunday in the weeks ahead.

Valerie is leaving because the position was not a good fit for her at this time. In her letter of resignation, she added: “It has been a pleasure to work for you. I absolutely love all the people I have met and want to encourage you in your mission of justice and peace.  The world needs more people willing to sacrifice their time and energy to protect and serve others as you do.

We wish Valerie all the best and look forward to working with Linda.



Janet Stevens, President, Board of Trustees
John Kelty, Chair of Personnel Committee
Rev. Jann Halloran