A Bit of the Blues

Every year at the onset of the holiday season, we explore the reality of the holiday blues, especially for those who are grieving or suffering from any form of illness, including mental illnesses.  Our hope is to acknowledge the challenges and to build support and … read more.

Understanding Othering

We cannot seem to help creating and living within our tribes, and these tribes are what often divide us from one another. How can we learn to know when we are in our tribe and othering others, Rev. Jann Halloran asks?  If we can’t learn … read more.

Tackling Racism

Learning to tell our stories is the anecdote to tackling racism in our lives and in our culture.  The Rev. Jann Halloran will tell her story of confronting racism and the personal growth she has experienced from the work.  Dave Lukaszewski and Jenny Rodman will … read more.