Speaker: Rev. Jann Halloran

Rev. Jann’s Odyssey and Farewell Sermon

Come celebrate Rev. Jann’s retirement as she gives the story of her ministry, a Unitarian Universalist tradition, in which our ministers tell the story of their life, their Odyssey, through ministry.  Our Prairie Band and Choir, Eric Moon and Dave Lukaszewski will all provide music. … read more.

Dream of Prairie

Rev. Jann will tell the story of our Prairie community through her perspective and offer her dreams for the future. Eric Moon and the Prairie Band will provide special music.

Note Special Sunday Gathering: Brunch Bunch will meet for Middle and High School youth.

During Learning Hour … read more.

Celebrate Easter at Prairie!

As always, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt and canned food drive for children and youth, and a service that explores the meaning of Easter for Unitarian Universalists.  The Prairie Choir and Eric Moon will provide special music.

Encouraging Spiritual Growth

At its best, religious community provides space for spiritual growth, individually as well as communally. Join Rev. Jann in a service that will consider the many ways we grow spiritually through intentional practices. Dave Lukaszewski and Eric Moon will provide special music.

Following the service, an … read more.

Come Celebrate Prairie’s 20th Birthday!

In this service of celebration and commemoration, we will recognize current and past board presidents, current and past ministerial associates, as well as current and past staff.

Our speakers include Rev. Dr. Stephan Papa, minister emeritus of First Universalist Church which helped found Prairie; Joe Francis; … read more.

2019 Canvass Kick-Off

Please join us for our Grand 2019 Canvass

Kick-Off: Make Dreams Come True – we’re celebrating in true Mardi Gras style!

There will be a Mardi Gras parade – ALL AGES are encouraged to don a costume and participate! Traditional Mardi Gras parade costumes include fairies, woodland/mythical creatures, clowns/jesters, and animals. … read more.

Humanizing Love

Melissa Bishop and Rev. Jann Halloran invite us to redefine love in a way that moves us from a superficial understanding to one that entreats us to walk through discomfort and pain order to deeply hear and create relationships that humanize all of us bringing … read more.