Rev. Jann Halloran

Is Democracy Dying?

“Is Democracy Dying?” This question was the October cover headline of a special addition of The Atlantic magazine.  The Rev. Jann Halloran will explore the status of democracy in our country this Sunday before the national election on Tuesday.

November’s theme is our Unitarian Universalist 5th … read more.

Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

Changes to Upcoming Service Sunday 5/27:

Our help is needed with honoring fallen veterans!

In honor of Memorial Day, please join us for our last Service Sunday of the church year. We will have a shortened service followed by a special outreach project that will honor our … read more.

Special Graduation Bridging Ceremony

Join us to celebrate the bridging of our graduating seniors: Mark Hunter, Natasha Zukowski and Reneé Reardon.  Our seniors will reflect on what’s meaningful to them, and we will have a Bridging Ceremony to recognize this milestone in their lives.  Eric Moon and the … read more.

Mother’s Day Celebration

We Love Our Moms. Come celebrate Mother’s Day with us! We will hear stories from a number of our members about their mothers.  Eric Moon will provide special music. If you would like to offer a reflection on your mother, please contact Rev. Jann to be part … read more.

Wholeness Meditation

Prairie member Andrew Paschetto and Rev. Jann will lead a special service with a focused time of meditation. The goal is to help us all achieve a sense of balance and wholeness, while touching the reality of our lives. Dave Lukaszewski and Eric Moon will … read more.

Earth Communion

We will celebrate the advent of spring and our earth with this annual Prairie tradition of a Bread and Mustard Seed Communion. Join us for this time of ritual and community building. Justin Adams, Lannie Garrett’s regular pianist, will be our guest musician providing special music.

During … read more.

Considering the Whole World

Prairie’s former Peace Corps volunteers will offer a panel conversation on international justice in this special service. Our panelists are Kimberly Rebecca-Murray, who served in Honduras; Cory Leddy, who served in Columbia, and Deena Rowe, who served in Lesotho. Dave Lukaszewski will provide special music.

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