Speaker: Pastor AJ

Amazing Grace

Our Sunday Morning Experience

Join us online! What does it mean to receive Grace? Pastor AJ will be exploring how we can receive and give grace in new and exciting ways in community.

Join us for conversations beginning at 9:45

This will be our space to chat … read more.

Roots and Seeds


Join us online! Let’s celebrate PrairieUU and look to our future! Pastor AJ and members of our PrairieUU community will be leading service that looks with a vision for the future. Join us for a celebration who is as a community planting seeds of Unitarian … read more.

Defeating Hades

Join us online! What does it mean to defeat Hades in the modern world? For many of us, we look at our world and see too much death, destruction, and distraction. We often fail to see the wonder and beauty of life being born all … read more.

Defying the Nazis


Join us online! In honor of Passover, Pastor AJ and our PrairieUU Core Team will be leading a service reflecting on the 2016 Ken Burn’s PBS documentary, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War which is the story following Waitstill and Martha Sharp as they travel … read more.

Arms Wide Open

Join us online! Pastor AJ and our PrairieUU Core Team will be leading an inspiring service on what it means to live with our arms wide open to new experiences, people and ways to form community.

Join is via Google Meet … read more.

Social Distancing and Other Acts of Love

March 15, 2020,  Sunday Service – Online Only

Beginning this Sunday, with our community’s safety in mind, we will be using an online-only service format, Pastor AJ  and members of our leadership team will be reflecting on ways to care for members of our community at … read more.

Hands of G”O”od


What does it mean to be the hand’s of G”O”od? No matter your metaphysical belief in a personal, impersonal or even in no god at all, as Unitarian Universalists, we are called to do the work of creating a beloved community. This also means that … read more.

In My Time of Dying


Often when we talk about the death of a loved one we talk about death with dignity and allowing a person to make a decision to die on their terms. Sometimes the most difficult thing that any of will have to do in our lives, … read more.

Faith, Love, and Service


Join us this Sunday as we open our month-long theme of Agape ~ Unconditional Love. We will be exploring what it is to build the beloved community around us in Parker and beyond. Pastor AJ will ask us what it means to live in a … read more.

Insufficient Funds

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., Pastor AJ will be reflecting on a portion of his 1963 “I have a Dream” speech. We will be specifically asking how does the portion of the speech regarding reparations applies to both the US Government and … read more.