Speaker: Pastor AJ

Holi: A Festival of Color


In honor of the Hindu celebration of Spring and birth. Pastor AJ will be leading a service that will introduce this service to our community.


We gather together and snack in the fellowship hall on delicious treats prepared by our Hospitality Committee. Whether you’re sipping on … read more.

Hands of G”O”od


What does it mean to be the hand’s of G”O”od? No matter your metaphysical belief in a personal, impersonal or even in no god at all, as Unitarian Universalists, we are called to do the work of creating a beloved community. This also means that … read more.

In My Time of Dying


Often when we talk about the death of a loved one we talk about death with dignity and allowing a person to make a decision to die on their terms. Sometimes the most difficult thing that any of will have to do in our lives, … read more.

Faith, Love, and Service


Join us this Sunday as we open our month-long theme of Agape ~ Unconditional Love. We will be exploring what it is to build the beloved community around us in Parker and beyond. Pastor AJ will ask us what it means to live in a … read more.

Insufficient Funds

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., Pastor AJ will be reflecting on a portion of his 1963 “I have a Dream” speech. We will be specifically asking how does the portion of the speech regarding reparations applies to both the US Government and … read more.

The New Suffragettes

Join us as we celebrate and prepare for the 2020 Denver Womxn’s March on January 18th. Pastor AJ will be delivering a message entitled “It’s Not Just a Pink Hat.” We will be engaging a conversation about the role of women of color in the … read more.

A Clear Blue Morning

Join us this morning as we embark on 2020 with Pastor AJ. We will be embarking on the light of a new year with a message entitled “Soaring Like Eagles.” Paul E and Eric M will be leading us with a selection of uplifting music. … read more.

Christmas Eve: A Celebration of Miracles

Merry Christmas! Join us for a wonderful Christmas Eve Celebration. We will begin with a community social and gathering at 6:00 pm. Our Worship Service will be opened with a reading from our own PrairieUU “Mr. Rogers.” It will be filled with music led by … read more.

Christmas Pageant & Caroling

Join us for our annual reading and acting of the Christmas Story; all ages invited to join in the fun. After service, we will continue with tradition and go caroling.