Lessons From A Wise Teacher

The Rev. Jann Halloran will explore the book, Ishmael, An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, by Daniel Quinn, the story of a gorilla who appears to teach truth about the story of the Earth and humanity’s impact upon it.  Learning Hour for all-ages afterwards.

This sermon is at the request of Jason Bezon, who won “name a sermon” in last year’s auction.  Eric Moon will provide special music.

Learn about the Committee and Group Fair that will follow the service today: https://prairieuu.org/event/committee-and-group-fair/

Rev Jann will be giving a presentation on 20 years of Prairie UU history.  Learn more at: https://prairieuu.org/event/learn-about-prairie/ 

See the Unitarian Universalist Associations’s stand on ethical eating:

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