Minister’s Report to PrairieUU – January 19, 2020

AJ Blackwood, M.Div.

Prairie UU Church

“A Liberal Religious Light on the Prairie”

Mission: “We gather as a welcoming, caring community to nurture mind and spirit, celebrate diversity, and work for justice.”


I would like to thank all of you who have made this time of transition a pleasant and, I believe, successful one. These past four months have been an exciting time. You have not only welcomed me and Denard into the life of the congregation and community but also our new wonderful administrator, Rhonda, and our two fabulous child caregivers, Bobbie and Katy.

During these past few months, I have been meeting with members of the Board of Trustees and Committee on Shared Ministry to have conversations about the life and well being of the congregation. We have come to the conclusion and continue to be reaffirmed that while every organization has room to grow and change (PrairieUU is no exception), this organization, PrairieUU, is a vibrant, healthy, and strong community rooted in Unitarian Universalist values. We are doing well in our call to share our good news with the local community. We are looking forward to the months and years to come.

Over the past few months, you have most likely experienced some changes, some have been welcomed, others acceptable and still others unwanted or felt unnecessary. Please know that this is common with any change in ministry. We as the leadership team are looking to these changes as small steps forward to growth in a variety of ways. We are excited to receive your feedback.

Over the next few months, we will be making some more adjustments in our leadership models and processes. We will continue to work with the Committee on Shared Ministry and Associates to expand their role in the long term visioning process and the Board of Trustees will be looking into new models of transparency and strategic planning. All of this is in the hopes of spreading the good news larger and deeper into the Southeast Metro area.

I continue to invite you all to give me your input, feedback, candor, and generosity of spirit, and I will return with the same. I am truly enjoying our shared ministry and life here at PrairieUU. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to spend this time with you.

If anyone would like to meet and chat, I am here to serve and I look forward to our shared time together. Thank you for inviting me into both your community and lives.


AJ Blackwood, MinisterIn Service,


Pastor AJ