Centering Thought

“A minister is not a doctor (and the church is not a hospital) whose primary task is to take away the pain. Rather, he deepens the pain to a level where it can be shared.” – Henri J. M. Nouwen

This month we will be centering on healing. Pastor AJ will be opening the month on 11/1 with a service dedicated to healing the pain and reconnecting with our ancestors. Pastor AJ is asking you to bring with you a reflection of one or more of your ancestors and a memory of them that involves music and dance. On 11/8 we will be centered on the outcome of the election and healing our wounds as a nation and finally, on 11/15 we will reflect on our Unitarian roots and hope for finding a common interconnectedness for all of humanity. On 11/22 the Justice League and Committee on Shared Ministry will lead us in a continued conversation from Widening the Circle and a call for Reparations both nationally and within PrairieUU. There will also be a shared plate collection with our Front Range UU BIPoC Community. The LifeSpan team will be led by Calisse W on 11/29, the first of our 5th Sunday intergenerational services.

Worship Services

11/1 – The Song of Our Ancestors

11/8 – A Mending Soul

11/15 – The Oneness of Healing

11/22 – Wrestle the Call of Reparations

11/29 – Painting form the Heart


November LifeSpan Details

Children at 9:30 am

11/1 Don’t run away from the hard work of healing!

11/8 Let gratitude heal you

11/15 Listen before you try to help and heal others (2nd principle focus)

11/22 Heal by telling the truth about Thanksgiving (Anti-racism, 4th and 8th ??? (just 7) principle focus)

11/29 Find ways to comfort yourself

Kendra will be handing out Lifespan Education kits for elementary kids at the Harvest Festival on 11/1.  If you can’t make it to the festival, please contact Jen S so we can get one to you!

Youth Time 11:45 am

11/1 Introduction to this month's theme of healing 11/8 Discuss the theme of healing from the movie watched (Green Mile)

11/15 Have a conversation about the theme of healing in the movie watched (Collateral Beauty)

11/22 Just a friendly conversation about being with family and the healing power that it brings during the Thanksgiving holiday

11/29 Continue the conversation from the previous week and blend into next month's theme stillness.

Adults at 11:45 am

11/1 NewUU

11/8 Soul Matters Small Group - Healing

11/15 Soul Matters Small Group - Healing

Prior to each Soul Matters small group meeting, please do one spiritual exercise and one question from the November Small Group Packet available here for those on Prairie Gmail. If you are unable to get the packet, email Janet at  At the meeting, we will share our experiences with the exercises and the questions. The packet contains several spiritual exercises and questions to choose from, related readings, videos, and music that you may choose to also do.

Soul Matters provides many online resources to help you connect to this month’s theme of Healing: Soul Matters’ support and inspiration Facebook page is here.  Soul Matters also curates song playlists to go with the monthly themes, which are available on Spotify here and YouTube here.

Community Outreach

Reflecting and Practicing at Home

Soul Matters Sharing Circle

  1. Practice turning our pain into connection.
  2. Practice letting go of the life you wished for.
  3. Practice forgiving yourself for being imperfect.
  4. Practice moving beyond apology to repair.