Prairie Vision / Appreciative Inquiry


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Prairie Vision / Appreciative Inquiry


Prairie UU Church embarked on a year-long Appreciative Inquiry process in September to establish a new vision and direction for Prairie.  The process focuses on recognizing what is the best of Prairie and what more do we want to affirm those strengths.  There are 5 steps in the Appreciative Inquiry Process:

  1. Topic Choice
  2. Discovery
  3. Dream
  4. Design
  5. Destiny

We completed the Topic Choice phase end of November 2018.  Our congregation chose 5 topic categories to focus on in the following phases:

Spiritual Growth

Impactful Social Justice

Thriving and Engaged Community

Engaged Youth

Inspired Home of Our Own

In December 2018, we started on the DISCOVERY phase of the process.  We have collected input from the congregation about each of the 5 Topic Choice categories.

The next step is the DREAM about Prairie’s future…what we see for ourselves; the kind of church we want to be. We will use the collected feedback and stories to help inspire our dreams. (Feb 24th 10am-12:30pm).

Once we complete our DREAM phase, all information and input will be collated and documented.  The Vision Team will summarize and present the DESIGN to the Congregation for feedback.  Once the Design is drafted, the entire process moves to DESTINY.

Your input and participation are critical to our future. Please let us know if you’d like to be more involved in any of these phases. (Susan Ermisch or Jennifer Drybread)

Click here to read about the DISCOVERY SYNTHESIZED RESULTS.