This past year has been an important year of transition as we have welcomed our new tech-savvy Minister AJ Blackwood and Office Administrator Rhonda Williamson, fine-tuned our programming, and added much-needed technology enhancements and habits – a fortuitous move in these cautious times of COVID-19 and community care. Now, with a vibrant and ever-growing congregation, we look with optimism into the future and are planning innovative ways of serving our diverse church community. Please explore this site to learn more about our accomplishments, our plans, and how you can support PrairieUU.

FY2020-2021 PrairieUU Pledge Drive Overview

Here’s what PrairieUU was able to accomplish with your generosity from the fiscal year 2019-2020. We:

• Embraced our Five Visioning Statements to shape and inform our LifeSpan religious education programming for the year!

• Matured our church governance with the establishment of Right Relations and Visioning within the Committee on Shared Ministry and clearly defined roles!

• Significantly expanded our support and programming at Ready-to-Work/Bridge House!

• Fueled by the love of our community, enjoyed fabulous lay-led services for several weeks while seeking our new minister!

• Hired and on-boarded our dynamic new minister and church administrator extraordinaire!

• Successfully installed Breeze, a comprehensive software program that enables us to be more efficient, timely, and accurate with member information, pledges, and payments!

• Adopted G-Suite technology to enable on-line meetings, shared files, and improved transparency – and just in the nick of time because we recently …

• Launched our new virtual interactive Sunday Worship Service format with speakers, engaging visuals, delightful music and Beloved Community!

PrairieUU is a community of people of all backgrounds and beliefs that thrives by providing everyone a warm, welcoming experience. Our community provides a space where all people will be cared for with compassion and they are valued, included, seen, and heard. There is a space for each person’s story and personal journey, and we are not afraid to discuss and learn from our differences. Our relationships in our community encourage our growth and fill our hearts and souls with love and joy as we work together to improve our world. Listen to a few of our stories:  
We are so grateful to all who have given so generously during this year of important transition – of your time, talent, treasure, and seemingly infinite enthusiasm. We hope that your support will continue into the 2020-2021 fiscal year as we plant the seeds to make our future vision our reality. For the upcoming year, we have identified three key financial goals for our Pledge Drive this year:
  1. Attract and retain religious education staff to actively engage our children and youth: as UUs, we at PrairieUU are committed to growing our children’s resiliency, compassion, and ethical foundation while also nurturing their sense of connection to all life on our planet. Estimated annual cost: $5,000
  2. Curriculum and materials for children, youth and adult programs to enable us to provide robust learning opportunities. This includes the purchase of the Soul Matters curriculum which provides thematic easy to use innovative programs. Estimated cost: $1,200.
  3. Provide ongoing financial funding of our minister, administrator, music and choir directors, communications specialist, accountant, and sexton who all keep our service, music, technology and other programs not only running, but terrific. Additionally, our budget helps support the many volunteer programs that we do within and outside of PrairieUU. Every year these expenses increase. Estimated annual cost: $207,000.
It is important to know what the key goals are so here is a snapshot of our total expenditures. Here is an estimate of the bigger picture. Click on the pie charts below for more detail. Catagory HR Revenue
Each of us will have our own unique circumstances to consider when making a pledge, and we recognize that we are in times of tremendous uncertainty. We ask that you consider a recommitment to your pledge from last fiscal year and, if you are able, increase it – any support you can provide is deeply appreciated by our entire Beloved Community (visit PrairieUU Breeze to view your pledge history). As you consider your pledge, the following information may be helpful:
  • PrairieUU has 59 pledging units, which includes 91 adult members. A single member is a pledging unit, while partners who pledge together are two members, but one pledging unit.
  • The average pledge needed per pledging unit to meet our 2020-21 pledge goals is $2,273 yearly, or $189 a month.
  • It costs us roughly $4,000 to run all our programs for a week.
You may also consider an income-based approach to determining how much to pledge. Please view the UUA’s guidance on Fair Sharing Giving.
PrairieUU Church lovingly commits to support all members when in need and to embrace our broader community – during times of both trepidation and beauty. We strongly encourage you to pledge online, but you are welcome to choose any option provided below. Close of the Pledge Drive is Sunday, May 17th; if mailing, please do so no later than 5/8 to allow time for postal service.
You may also click on our Pledge Drive brochure below, print and complete the last page, and mail to PrairieUU with your contribution.
Pledge Brochure
Click to Download Pledge Brochure

As we read in the headlines every day, there are infinite ways to give to our community. PrairieUU offers many to embrace others in our immediate church community and well beyond.